Aiming to improve and develop what is best in the contributions sent to evaluation, it is asked from reviewers to offer constructive criticism in the form of comments on the articles submitted to the journal. In order to facilitate the evaluating process it is suggested that reviewers take into consideration the following aspects:

Does the text…

- Display consistent and original arguments?

- Make reference to already existing debates on the subject?

- Appear to be well structured and coherent with its arguments?

- Make any important contribution to the development of the subject?

It is asked from reviewers to make detailed comments on the evaluated article and, whenever possible, suggest specific modifications or bibliography so the author can improve the quality of the text.

The intention is not to inhibit authors, encourage theoretical or practical divergences, restrict publishing of points of view or any other form of limiting freedom of expression but to encourage the development of increasingly deep researches and reflections. Therefore, the work of reviewers as well as authors is vital to the continuous development of Gestalt therapy and Gestalt Approach fields of study.














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